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Our Family

Ripley was part of our family for 18 years. Our sweet kitty with the pinkest little toe beans, had a zest for life, an incredible imagination and a deep love of empty boxes and computer keyboards.

She was to us exactly as portrayed in our book. The inspiration for most of the watercolor illustrations came from our family photo albums. Our family spent many happy hours watching her play with the squirrels, raccoons and possums in our backyard.


Pele, Kapo, Hariel and the fishies were all members of our family too. Pele and Kapo were search and rescue dogs for 12 years. They found and rescued many missing people. Hariel, our oranda goldfish, had a swim bladder defect which is why he could only swim upside down. He lived that way for 10 years.


Kapo is still with us. While retired from search and rescue, she can still chase the ball all day long.

-Connie & Mark Herrick

Ripley sitting good shot.JPG
Pele Head.jpg
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