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About Ripley and Friendz

Ripley is a tiny, feisty, funny, calico kitty with a big imagination, a big family and lots of woodland friends! 

A wonderful children's book collection for elementary school readers, filled with vibrant watercolor illustrations and engaging, funny animal adventures.

Welcome to Ripley and Friendz!

Ripley's World
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"The heartfelt story builds from a simple premise, with a fast pace and intriguing details that all lead up to the author’s message of family and friends holding more significance than material belongings.

Mark Herrick’s watercolor illustrations are as vibrant and expressive as the cast of characters but tastefully never outshine them, working with the dialogue-driven text to create an immersive experience. 

Cat and critter lovers will savor the art and the message of friendship."

"The text uses simple vocabulary, sound play, and gentle humor to keep even young readers engaged in the story. At the same time, beautiful watercolor illustrations

bring Ripley’s animal friends and natural environment to life in delightful detail.

At the end of the story, readers get a gentle reminder that it’s friends and family, and not material possessions, that are really precious.

Overall, Ripley’s Missing Locket is an engaging and instructive way to help young readers think about family, possessions, and perspective."

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"In this captivating tale, set in a cozy, familial world, a vain calico cat named Ripley can’t wait to show off her shiny new locket to her dog sisters, Kapo and Pele, and her online group, the Catnip Collective.

This is the second book in a series by the author and her illustrator husband—inspired by their own pet menagerie—which began with Ripley’s World (2021).


A gentle message about the value of friendship delivered with considerable, animal-centric charm."

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